'Gomorrah Girl' and 'I am nothing' are the main series produced by the young photographer Valerio Spada. Thanks to the first series, he made himself known throughout the world in 2011, while he has recently brought the second to a close thanks to the support of a grant from the Guggenheim Foundation in New York. Both revolve around the study of the most typical and yet obscure aspects of the major Italian criminal organizations: the Neapolitan Camorra and the Sicilian Mafia. And yet these are not mere reportages, but combine truth and storytelling, diary and theatre, both candid and staged photography. They are cinematographic fiction raised to the level of judiciary truth. And vice versa.

Francesco Zanot, Curator  

Camera, Centro Italiano per la Fotografia, Turin, Italy - November 2016 - January 2017 tba

"“This is a moving book of photographs and documents that one wants to return to repeatedly,” says Himes, describing what made the book a winner."

TIME Magazine Lightbox Darius Himes, International Head of Photographs at Christie's for 

"I keep coming back to this one, GOMORRAH GIRL, by Valerio Spada. It gets my vote. This is a book that I can really learn something from." 

Kassel Photobook Award nomination by Jim Goldberg/Magnum Photos

DZ Bank Art Foyer Private Collection, Frankfurt, Germany


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“The frankest and freest and privatest product of the human mind and heart is a love letter...” M.Twain